ST-100X Military Grade Full Face Respirator Mask


ST-100X Military Grade Full Face Respirator Mask



Prepare for emergencies with the ST-100X Military Grade Full Face Respirator Mask. This advanced mask provides reliable protection against chemicals, smoke, and particulates, making it essential for emergency situations. Featuring advanced air filtration technology, it ensures clean and breathable air for extended periods.

The full-face design offers comprehensive coverage and a secure fit, while the military-grade construction ensures durability and reliability in challenging environments. Stay safe and protected with the ST-100X Respirator Mask, your ultimate defense against airborne hazards.

Featured With:

  • HEAVY DUTY GAS MASK FOR SMOKE & CHEMICAL – Experience ultimate personal protection against environmental hazards with the elite ST-100X breathing mask. This kit features a replaceable P-D-1 40mm carbon-activated filter housed in heavy duty plastic for maximum security and durability.
  • MILITARY GRADE CONSTRUCTION – Designed to withstand brute force impacts and toxic environments, the ST-100X filtered mask will provide you the safety and security you need to escape unpredictable, dangerous conditions. Our top-quality protective gear is ready for any situation.
  • SUPERIOR BREATHABILITY – The ST-100X’s dual intake valves provide superior breathability and support respiratory effort instead of inhibiting breathing. The intelligent ventilation structure creates cooling airflow, helping you stay collected and focused during high-intensity situations.
  • VERSATILE PROTECTION – Specifically designed to provide unparalleled safety while working with chemicals and various toxic substances, the ST-100X serves as the ideal choice for a range of applications, including chemical laboratory settings, inspection equipment handling, and environmental technology.
  • UNMATCHED COMFORT – Designed for a universal fit, the 5-point harness stretches cleanly over your head without snagging and quickly secures through the 5 pull tabs. Made from dense, sturdy, elasticized rubber, the straps retain their shape even in the hottest environments.

The ST-100X is your ultimate survival gas mask -Coming stock with the P-D-1 Organic Vapor and Particulate Dual Filter, it’s ready directly out of the box for protection against smoke, tear gas, pepper spray, and other toxic chemicals and particulates.


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